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Fine Art Packing and Crating Services

For any type of transit, artwork must be properly packed to withstand     handling, shock and vibration.  Whether a simple “softpack” or complex touring crate, all ARTworks’ packing and crating is designed to meet the rigorous established standards of our industry.

We fabricate one-way and two-way crates for everyday shipments, specialized crates for complex sculptures and furniture items, infinitely reusable touring museum crates for traveling exhibits and many other configurations as well.

Our touring crates are some of the finest you will find, all EU-compliant, built to rigid specification, with overlapping joints, inset gasketed lids with 5/16” bolt closing plates, battened MDO plywood shells both sealed and caulked for water resistance, and thoughtfully engineered interiors that provide the utmost in protection against shock and vibration.

We invite your inquiries about our fine museum crates.  ARTworks is the fabricator of choice for many museums when it comes to their international loans and traveling exhibitions.  Crates can be built to any specification (and we can advise) then shipped for packing virtually anywhere in the USA, and of course, we are more than happy to send a crew of professionals to fully pack or just fine tune an entire exhibit.

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